Ziplining Frequently Asked Questions
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What does the zipline tour include?
A ground-to-ground nature tour guided by 2 experienced guides, including 10 zip lines, 3 cave formations, and a break mid-tour to roast hot dogs and s’mores.Who can not participate?
Participants who are pregnant, under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not partake in the tour. 

How is your course different from others in the area?

Soaring Cliffs is the only course in the area to offer automatic braking systems on each line. This means that our guests will not be required to touch the line at any time in order to stop. Our course is also the only course in the state with ground-to-ground launch and landing sites. Because of property elevation, we were able to construct the course without building platforms suspended in the trees. Our "zippers" start at ground level and gradually get further and further away from the sloping grade while soaring to the next landing site. The gear is then removed from the line by one of our experienced tour guides and the participant is welcome to wait and watch while others come across the line. Because guests are not suspended in the trees, we encourage hiking and exploration of our incredible property.

Lastly, the zip line course is located on a property that is like none other. There are cleared trails leading to and from each launch and landing site as well as to caves, caverns, and waterfalls. While on the tours, its as if you are hiking and zipping through a national forest. The views are breathtaking, and the experience is one that you WILL NOT forget!

Can others in my group come to watch if they are not zipping?
Absolutely! Guests are welcome to visit the course and watch the first 6 zips, as long as they can navigate the trails to get to various viewing locations.

How long does the tour take?
The tour lasts from 2 hours. We schedule our tours so that our guests can take their time zipping and exploring. 

Are the hiking trails difficult to navigate?
The trails are easy to navigate for most who can easily walk up and down stairs. We have had 86 and 89 year old participants who had no issues with the course. If you have knee trouble or respiratory issues, you may find the course a little more difficult.

Do you have restroom facilities available?
Yes, Onsite restrooms available.

Can I bring my camera, phone or video camera?
Absolutely! We do not prohibit our guests from taking photos or cameras from their own devices. We are not, however, responsible for lost or damaged items.

Should I arrive early? 
Yes. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get properly fitted for gear, to listen to a safety briefing, and to sign the release waiver.

What should I wear? 
Guests must wear close toed shoes. Remember to dress accordingly for the weather forecast. We will zip rain or shine as long as there is no lighting or strong winds. Guests must secure hair back if it is shoulder length or longer.

Do we zip if its raining? 
We will zip rain or shine unless there is lighting or high wind. We do not issue refunds for guests who choose not to zip in the rain.

What is the cancellation policy? 
Cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled tour date will receive a full refund. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled tour date will not receive a refund. Tours cancelled by Soaring Cliffs due to inclimate weather or unsafe zipping conditions will either receive a refund or a chance to reschedule, we still zip in the rain. While we do our best to make guests comfortable, some lines on the course are high off the ground (over 100 feet). We do not issue refunds for guests who choose not to participate in the entire tour.

I am afraid of heights, will I be comfortable on the course? 
While we do our best to make all of our guests comfortable, some of the lines are high off the ground. However, Soaring Cliffs Zip Line Course offers ground launch and landing sites rather than being suspended in the trees by platform for the entire tour. Therefore, guests have the opportunity to explore caves, trails, etc. in between zip lines. We feel that this enhances the overall quality of the tour by offering a relaxing and enjoyable experience.Can I bring a child if I am not their parent / legal guardian?
Yes you can! You just need to print off our Waiver and have the child's parent/ guardian fill out our waiver and attach a copy of their ID, this will need to be brought with you when you check in for your tour.